5 Things About Me You Might Not Know

I was a circus arts performer

I was a professional circus arts performer for a seven-month period in my twenties. Well, technically I was only semi-professional, but I am sure I now have your attention.

No, I did not run away with the circus. I was an aerial dancer, and I performed weekends for a local company. It was an amazing experience, and even though I had been a dancer all my life, I never thought I would be capable of aerial dance.

I stopped performing when I made the decision to switch studios. The new studio was a much farther drive, and with an increasingly busy schedule at work, my attendance in classes became less frequent.

I practiced until I became pregnant with my first daughter.

I started classes again about two years later. A friend of mine opened a studio much close to where I lived. I only took classes for about a year, and for six months of that year, I was pregnant, again.

I told myself that seeing the doctor said it was ok, I would continue until I entered the third trimester. Some classes I did not do anything but climb, but I did it!

I then got back on the equipment two weeks before my due date for an aerial photo shoot. It was hard work (a big thank you to the wonderful ladies that helped to spot and push me into the right positions) but such a great experience.

I am originally from Western New York

I was born and raised in Western New York. The first place I lived was North Chili (and no, it is not pronounced like the food). My family would spend the summer at our lake house about 45 minutes away. When I was eight, my parents decided they liked the summer location so much, that we would build a new house at the site and move there year-round.

I spent the next ten years living around Conesus Lake. Conesus is the farthest west of the Finger Lakes.

I think the area is beautiful and I make sure to visit at least twice a year. While living in the middle of nowhere was not for me, I enjoy the peace and quiet whenever I visit. Plus, the Finger Lakes have some great wine trails!

I ended up in Florida because I needed a tan

At the end of February, during my junior year of high school, I traveled from New York to Florida for a Disney vacation. It was during that vacation that I learned that Florida is not always 80 degrees and sunny. We had cold, cloudy days and I went home with no tan.

My dad did not attend the trip. Because he was a small business owner, my brother and I were teenagers, and that we had been to Disney a number of times as a whole family, he opted out of the vacation. When he asked how the trip was, I was quick with my thinking. I answered, “Horrible! I did not get the tan I wanted. You know, I have spring break in a few weeks. How about we go to Florida and look at colleges?”

Up until that sentence came out of my mouth, I never even considered going to school in Florida. Honestly, I had not given any thought as to what colleges I might want to attend – that was what I would do the upcoming summer.

Well, he said yes. He told me to pick the schools, plan the trip, and we would go.

I fell in love with the University of Tampa as soon as I stepped on campus. A little over a year later I moved to the sunshine state, and it has been my home ever since.

Oh, and we’re big Tampa Bay Rays fans!

I started skiing when I was three

The winter I turned three, my dad strapped skis on my feet, put me between his skis, and took me down the mountain. When I was little, we often spent weekends at the local ski slopes and occasionally traveled to other resorts.

The frequency of my skiing slowed during my teens, and for a few years I gave up my skis for snowboarding. After a few years, I realized that snowboarding was not for me, and I returned to skiing in my twenties.

Even though I now live in Florida, still try to make it out skiing whenever we travel north.

This past winter we took a big ski trip, and I am proud to say my oldest daughter also started skiing at the age of three.

My wedding was at the Florida Aquarium

While looking for venues to visit, I saw that they held weddings at the aquarium. Completely joking, I told my now-husband that we could get married there. He immediately became excited and wanted to set up an appointment. I did not want to set up a visit but decided that seeing I wanted his input throughout the wedding planning process that I needed to pretend that I was open to his ideas.

We visited the aquarium and loved it! That afternoon we went to one other location. We hated it and realized that the Florida Aquarium was where we would be married. Just beautiful and perfectly us.