About Me

My vision is for every small business owner to become the leader their company needs.

Hello, I’m Jamie Van Cuyk. As your leadership coach, I help grow your skills so you can successfully manage and grow your small business. 

Leadership and helping others has always been a passion of mine. After gaining experience with managing successful teams and guiding leaders within my corporate career, I decided I wanted to do more to help others become successful leaders. In a market full of corporate-level leadership coaches, I realized that few were focusing on the guiding and growing the skills of small business owners.

As a small business owner, you are often the primary or only official leader of your company. Good or bad, you skills impact your company’s success. I have the experience and knowledge to help you lead your organization down the path you desire.

Located in St Petersburg, Florida, I work with small business owners within the Tampa Bay area. In addition, I coach business owners worldwide through virtual meetings.

It is time for you to become the leader your small business needs.

Additional Work

Other, public work that I have completed can be found through the following links.

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