Hire the employees your business needs and get the most out of your investment.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure when it comes to hiring and managing the team you need to run your small business.

It’s time for you to learn how to make sound hiring decisions and effectively connect and communicate with your employees so you can create a lasting team that you trust and can depend on while you successfully run your business.

Hi, I’m Jamie Van Cuyk!

As your small business consultant, I’m going to help you avoid hiring mistakes and keep your employees at the top of their game so you can feel confident and adequately supported as you move your business forward.


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Why Me?

I’ve been there! When I got my first set of employees, I too I had to learn how to hire, get the best from each employee, retain my staff, and most importantly, trust my staff to do their work properly without me checking behind each step.

I am now capable of managing highly effective, self-sufficient employees and in return, sought-after teams.

However, I didn’t get there alone – I had guidance along the way that taught me how to navigate every part of having employees. Now, I provide this guidance to others – both those hiring their very first employee and those who already have employees but are ready to improve their talents.

Accomplishments throughout my six years in formal management positions:

  • Managed more than 40 employees
  • Only had four team members turn in their notice and leave the company
  • Improved employee’s skills as company goals changed
  • Retained talent by helping employees prepare for new roles within the organization
  • Led multiple teams with different responsibilities at once
  • Organized recruitment efforts across departments
  • Pioneered a brand new management role
  • Took over and transitioned a team from being the one everyone was quitting to the one people asked to join
  • Developed employees on the brink of being exited out of the organization to top-performing employees
  • Earned my Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

As I got to know other small business owners, I learned that I was unique. Most small business owners, like you, did not have the opportunity to perfect their people managing skills while working for someone else.

This can leave you with feelings of apprehension and overwhelm, not being able to get what you need out of your employees, and your employees taking more of your time than you are earning by having them a part of your company.

That is where I come in! From my training and experience, I know how to get the most out of your employees so they can be an asset to your business instead of a hindrance.

I look forward to helping you gain:

  • Time —>> Spend LESS TIME managing people and more time working on the strategic tasks that will move the company forward because you have the right employees who are committed to your business.
  • Confidence —>> Know you are capable of hiring and retaining THE BEST employees for your business.
  • Support —>> Throughout the life of your small business, know that your team can always be the support you need because YOUR ARE PROFICIENT at helping them develop the right skills and competencies.

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