Grow Your Business – Join These 6 Amazing Facebook Groups

Grow Your Business: Join These Six Amazing Facebook Groups

If you run a small business, chances are you spend time on Facebook. After all, having a Facebook page is almost as important as having a website. However, did you know that there is an additional way to grow both your company and who you are as a business owner through Facebook? That way is by joining and actively participating in business-related Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are a powerful and effective way to network (meeting both referral partners and clients) and grow your skill set.

However, not all Facebook groups are the same, so it’s essential that you find the ones that are going to give you the interaction you need.

To help you find the perfect Facebook Groups to join, here is a list of my favorite business Facebook groups.


1. Communicate to Connect by He says, She says

About the group

Communicate to Connect by He says, She says is a group designed to help people grow their careers and businesses through the utilization of speaking. Yes, this includes people who want to become professional speakers, but it also consists of those want to improve their communication skills for networking, presenting, teaching, making sales, and more – anyone who wants to connect with others through communication.

The group is led by Carrie Sharpe of He says, She Says, and she strives to make her group interactive and informative. Not only does she provide vast resources and knowledge, but she also encourages everyone to practice what they are learning and to seek opportunities for speaking success.

Why the group is a must join

Effective communication is an essential skill for any business owner. Whether it is selling to your customers, connecting with investors, networking to gain referral, leading employees, or helping to resolve an issue, your communication skills will profoundly impact the situation.

When you are a part of the group, you will receive tips, techniques, and opportunities to participate in challenges that will bring your communication skills to the next level.

Click here to join Communicate to Connect by He says, She says


2. Market Like a Boss

About the group

Market Like a Boss is all about teaching business owners how to market their own business and be confident throughout the process.

Michelle Vroom of Vroom Communications leads the group and aims to educate people on all things marketing. After all, marketing is more than just paid promotions, and as a business owner, you genuinely need to have a diverse marketing strategy if you are going to continue to grab the attention of your ideal client.

Why the group is a must join

Unlike other marketing-based Facebook groups, I don’t feel like I am in the group to be sold. It is clear to me that this group is more about education than promotion pushes.

Michelle states right in her group rules that “you’ll get more business from helping people vs. selling.” Her group, being helpful and informative first, proves that point.

Click here to join Market Like a Boss


3. Growing Your Team

About the group

Growing Your Team is a community for business owners who want a business bigger than themselves. This group is designed to empower small business owners like you by helping you create, grow and manage the teams you need for business success.

Jamie Van Cuyk of JamieVC runs the group (yes, that’s me). I started the group because I know how powerful it can be to have a place to go to ask questions and get advice when it comes to navigating team management.

Why the group is a must join

Team management is a complicated subject. Not only does it take a lot of knowledge to hire great team members, it then takes work to lead them effectively.

Growing Your Team will not only provide you great tips and discussions about managing team members, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance from other business owners who have been in your shoes before.

Click here to join Growing Your Team

4. Women’s Business Workshop

About the group

Women’s Business Workshop is a group where female entrepreneurs come together to learn business tactics, gain support, and make connections. Goal accomplishment is a big focus of the group with prompts and challenges designed to help you complete needed action steps.

Robin Walker of Women’s Business Workshop runs the group. She offers encouragement to all members and truly cares about each woman’s success.

Why the group is a must join

If you are looking for a close-knit business community that encourages action, this is your group. From the moment you join, you can tell that it is a close community. Members are often posting about the interactions with and the accomplishments of other business owners within the group.

They make you feel included and supported from day one which is always a great feeling when you are trying to grow your business.

Click here to join Women’s Business Workshop


5. LIT Ladypreneurs

About the group

LIT Ladypreneurs focuses on a crucial topic – Mindset. As hard as it is to admit, we usually are what is preventing the growth or success within our businesses.

Kathryn Binkley of Alyght, the group’s leader, provides prompts, training, and tips to help you work through what is holding you back. She then takes the mindset work on step farther by tying it to your marketing efforts. As I have learned from Kathryn, if you are in the wrong mindset, it will negatively impact your marketing success.

Why the group is a must join

Mindset is a topic that is hard to work through on your own. Often you need some else to ask you the tough questions to even get started. By being a member of LIT Ladypreneurs, your mindset will be challenged like never before – but in the way it needs to be for you to be successful.

Also, Kathryn is down-to-earth and very relatable. Her personality comes out in everything she does, and you feel like you are always communicating with a friend.

Click here to join LIT Ladypreneurs


6. Boss-Moms®

About the group

Boss-Moms® is a group for any moms who are thinking about or currently running their own business. Motherhood can add a complicated layer to entrepreneurship, and the members of this group are looking to support each other through the challenges. The group is very active and provides many opportunities for network building and support.

The group is led by Dana Malstaff of Boss-Moms® and her fantastic admin staff. With over 30,000 members, they do a great job making sure the group stays a positive and supportive place. Everyone is encouraged to ask their business or parenting relates questions.

Why the group is a must join

Being a business owner is only a part of your life. This group helps you see how everything works together. Parenting, life, and business are all on the table of conversation in this group.

If you’re a mom, especially with young kids, there is so much to relate to within the Boss-Moms® group.

Click here to join Boss-Moms®


As a small business owner, you often do not have a peer group within your organization to guide you, teach you, and answer your questions. A way to find and create the peer group you need is to join and participate in Facebook groups. These six groups will each provide you with something different and will help you become a better business owner.

Are you a member of any other Facebook groups that have helped you as an entrepreneur? Please share them in the comments.

Grow Your Business: Join These Six Amazing Facebook Groups