Confidently Select Your Business Idea

Join the 5-Day Challenge designed to help you decide what type of business you should open and what you should sell.

What business category should you consider? Should your business sell services, physical merchandise, or a mix? What exact services or goods should you sell? Should your company be online, brick-and-mortar, or both?

There are so many options available as you enter entrepreneurship. Find out which one is right for you through this 5-day challenge and start 2018 as a focused entrepreneur.

Your dream business is not as far away as it might seem.

Are you ready?

In the 5-day challenge, you will learn how to:

Select a business that fits your lifestyle.

There are many businesses which you can run, but which one will fit within the life you want to lead? A lifestyle fit is important.

Determine if you have the right resources.

It takes varying levels of knowledge and money to start a business. Do you have the right resources to start the business you want?

Be successful with a focused start.

Less is best when starting a company. Learn how a narrow focus can lead to the expanded business you truly want.

Day-to-Day Breakdown:

Day 1

Evaluate your interests and brainstorm possible business ideas.

Day 2

Determine must-have, limitations, and nice-to-have criteria and start to narrow down your ideas.

Day 3

Rank your business ideas according to your available resources.

Day 4

Select your top business idea and ensure it is right for you.

Day 5

Decide what goods or services you will sell for a focused start to your business.

You don’t need the next big idea. You just need an idea. Let’s select yours!

Hi! I’m Jamie, and I have a passion for helping others succeed. In 2016, I left a successful career to start my own business. Ever since that move, I have been helping people like you start and succeed in the entrepreneurship journey.

Sometimes you need a little help to reach your success. Let me be that help!