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Ep04 – How to Live with Purpose in Your Business

The Growing Your Team Podcast

**Bonus Episode** Each month, I am bringing on Chris Pinault to have an in-depth conversation about leadership topics that impact small businesses. 

In this first episode with Chris, you will learn about his journey to becoming a leadership expert. We also start our conversation on how to create a culture where you live a life of purpose within your business. 

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About Chris Pinault:

Chris Pinault is the owner of Centric Leadership, a people-centered training and development company located in Saint Petersburg, FL. Chris is a certified coach, trainer, facilitator, and strategist that helps people gain massive traction on their most important work.

His mission is to help people live a life ‘of purpose on purpose’ while developing more servant leaders in the world. He maintains service and empowerment as his highest values and is highly involved with the community and local charities. Chris facilitates many events engaging others to grow personally, professionally, and to build more positive human relationships.

Some of Chris’s other hobbies include meditation, the outdoors, photography, lifelong learning, and saying “hello” to random strangers. Chris can never resist a conversation about concepts and theories, loves to shift people’s perspectives, and has always loved the word ‘Awesome’.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Chris’s journey, including a time when he was homeless, and how it led him to be a leadership expert. (2:07)
  • Leading based on where your team is, not where you want them to be. (11:48)
  • Our different views on whether you should hire for drive or ability. (13:40)
  • How to live a life of purpose when you’re running a business and pass it on through your team. (16:32)
  • What happened when I told an employee that a job wasn’t for them and maybe they should move on. (18:52)
  • One thing that all effective teams have. (23:05)

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In this episode, we talk mention Audible. Audible is a great way to listen to audiobooks. 

Listening to books when you are one the go, driving around, working out, or my favorite, while doing chores allows you to expand your business knowledge when life and business don’t leave enough time to read as much as you would like. 

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How to Connect with Chris:

Website – www.centricleadership.com

Email: cpinault@centricleadership.com


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