Hire with Confidence:

Attract and hire high-quality employees so you can have a team that you can trust and will strive to help you exceed your business goals.

Learn how to effortlessly attract, successfully interview, and quickly hire the loyal and reliable employees you need.

Does this sound like you?

You’re ready to hire an employee for your small business, but you don’t know where to start. You never had to hire someone before or always had senior management you could turn to for help.

You’ve had a string of bad hires, and you don’t know how to avoid doing it again. The employees that you have hired have quickly left, underperformed, were not trustworthy, or unreliable.

You’re unable to attract quality candidates to your open positions. You believe you are offering competitive pay and benefits for a small business, but it’s not working to bring good talent to your business.

If you answered yes to any of these, then the Hiring with Confidence Academy is for you!

What is The Hiring with Confidence Academy?

The Hiring with Confidence Academy is a 4-week online group program, starting March 18th, designed to help you learn how to attract, interview, and hire high quality, loyal employees.

The program guides you through the self-paced Hiring with Confidence: A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting, Interviewing, and Hiring Loyal Employees course while providing you with accountability, guided exercises, additional training, and resources for hiring success.

Week 1


When bringing on an employee is in your best interest so you save money by ensuring you’re hiring the right type of help and only when needed.

How to position your company so you can attract the best candidates.



Monday 3/18 – Live Training 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern

Tuesday 3/19 – Assignment Due

Wednesday 3/20 – Group Coaching Call 12 pm to 1 pm or 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern (choice of one)

Friday 3/22 – Office Hours 12 pm to 12:30 pm Eastern

    Week 2


    The secrets to reviewing resumes so you can quickly and effectively determine the right people to interview.




      Monday 3/25 – Live Training 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern

      Tuesday 3/26 – Assignment Due

      Wednesday 3/27 – Group Coaching Call 12 pm to 1 pm or 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern (choice of one)

      Friday 3/29 – Office Hours 12 pm to 12:30 pm Eastern

        Week 3


        How to properly prepare for and conduct interviews so you can fully evaluate each candidate and select the best hire.




          Monday 4/1 – Live Training 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern

          Tuesday 4/2 – Assignment Due

          Wednesday 4/3 – Group Coaching Call 12 pm to 1 pm or 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern (choice of one)

          Friday 4/5 – Office Hours 12 pm to 12:30 pm Eastern

            Week 4


            What to do after selecting your new employee so you can wrap up the hiring process with confidence.



            Monday 4/8 – Live Training 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern

            Tuesday 4/9 – Assignment Due

            Wednesday 4/10 – Group Coaching Call 12 pm to 1 pm or 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern (choice of one)

            Friday 4/12 – Office Hours 12 pm to 12:30 pm Eastern

               **BONUS Program Content**

              How to welcome your new employee to the company so they want to stay with you for the long-term.

              From payroll, to benefits, to legal and more: the external partnerships you need when you have employees so you can avoid fines and penalties, and save yourself time and stress. 

              Attracting and hiring motivated employees is possible when you know how to navigate the hiring process.

              Meet your program leader

              Hi! I’m Jamie Van Cuyk.

              With over 10 years of leadership experience, I have a track record of hiring and managing high-performing teams and educating business leaders.

              During my time as a corporate manager, I managed over 40 employees with 0% negative turnover during my last two years, and have organized and led department-wide hiring initiatives.

              Now, I help business owners like you become effective day-to-day people managers so that you can hire and retain the best employees who will help you exceed your business goals.

              Some of the hiring accomplishments I have helped my clients achieve include:

              • Shortening the hiring timeline from two months to two weeks
              • Going from receiving zero qualified candidates while paying to promote a job posting over weeks to four qualified candidates in 48 hours with a free job posting
              • Turning a vague four-line job posting into one that clearly defined the job and attracted the right candidates
              • Reducing recruitment costs by identifying the right job boards and sites
              • Helping a client go from dreading the hiring process to being excited for the process each time their growing business lets them hire again

              I look forward to helping you accomplish your hiring goals!

              Hiring Jamie was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Her HR background was the piece that made me say this is the person I need helping me. Making sure that I’m hiring employees, the right ones, and creating procedures to make sure that everyone is on the same page. She was there to push me and hold me accountable to the tasks that I wanted done. She also had very creative ideas to help expand on the things I wanted to accomplish. Thank you, Jamie, for pushing me to be a better small business owner.

              Daniel Shipman

              Owner, Full Torque Fitness

              Working with Jamie has been such a pleasure and I could not be happier. She is always willing to answer my questions and share her knowledge. The information that Jamie has supplied me has been just what I have needed to support my online children’s boutique.  From the start she has been organized, detailed and goes above and beyond what I ask of her. She has helped me stay on track and get more organized, I would highly recommend Jamie!

              Racquel Tolson

              Owner, BE love kids

              Program Details:

              Imagine knowing that each time you need to hire for your small business that you are going to attract high-quality candidates and hire the right person —>> the employees who will make you feel supported, properly serve your customers, help grow your revenue, and even allow you to take that vacation you have been putting off since opening your company.

              When you complete the Hiring with Confidence Academy, this can become your reality. 

              What is the program format?

              The Hiring with Confidence Academy is a four-week online group program that runs from Monday, March 18th to Friday, April 12th.

              The program holds you accountable for finishing the self-paced Hiring with Confidence course within the four weeks. In addition, the academy format provides you additional training and information, helps to ensure you are correctly applying the course content within your company, and gives you the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded small business owners and managers. 

              What is included in the program?

              • A detailed agenda outlining due dates for all self-guided training sessions and assignments to ensure course completion within the four-week program.


              • Enrollment in the self-guided course Hiring with Confidence: A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting, Interviewing, and Hiring Loyal Employees. You will continue to have access to the online course content after the group program ends.


              • Weekly group coaching sessions (via ZOOM) where I will address your questions, check-in on your course progress, and hold you accountable for assignments.


              • Weekly live learning focused sessions (via ZOOM or Facebook) where I will offer additional training, information, or activities designed to deepen your knowledge of the hiring process.


              • Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and collaborate with other group members.


              • Weekly Office Hours where I will go live within the Facebook group to answer your questions and help you overcome challenges. 


              • One 60-minute one-to-one coaching session.


              • My review, feedback, and suggested improvements on four assignments turned in during the program duration.

              Why do you need to attract and Hire loyal and Reliable Employees?

              Increased Revenue – Loyal and reliable employees care about your company and its success. Therefore, they put in the effort required to keep your customers happy, acquire more business, and support you as you focus on revenue-generating activities. 

              Your revenue benefits when you attract high-quality talent and make the right hiring decisions.

              Reduced Hiring Costs – Loyal and reliable employees tend to stay with a company longer than those who are not fully committed to the business or the work. Each time an employee leaves, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it significantly costs your company.  

              Between the impacts of having an open position and the costs (time and money) of recruiting, rehiring for a position can cost you six to nine months of the open position’s pay. To back-fill a full-time, minimum wage job can cost your company between $7,540 and $11,310. When you know how to attract, interview, and hire loyal and reliable employees you can reduce the frequency of this expense.

              Enroll today for the accountability you need to shortcut the learning curve and master the hiring process.


              Get Early Bird Pricing Until 2/18

              To ensure you receive the needed attention for success, only 12 spots are available in the Hiring with Confidence Academy.

              Payment Plan Options Are Available.


              The first FOUR people who enroll in the Hiring with Confidence Academy will receive TWO extra 60-minute one-to-one calls.


              The Hiring with Confidence course is available to purchase on its own for a one-time payment of $297 or two monthly payments of $165.

              Have questions?


              Want to learn more about how the Hiring with Confidence Academy will benefit you and your small business? Let’s talk! Schedule a Free discovery call today.