FREE Webinar: Struggling to Attract Quality Candidates?

February 18th at 4 pm Eastern

No longer suffer from a lack of qualified candidates. Register for the FREE webinar to learn how to attract the right people so you can find your ideal employee.

The How to Attract Quality Candidates webinar will be live in:








During the live webinar you will learn:

1) How to be seen as a Must-Work-For employer (even before you have a team) so you can attract top job seekers to your company. 

2) How to encourage the right candidates to apply for your job openings so you can make quick hiring decisions and hire the best talent for your business.

3) How to build a candidate pool so you can make the right hires now so you can reduce the need to rehire later.

Hi! I’m Jamie Van Cuyk!

With over ten years of leadership experience, I have a track record of hiring and managing high-performing teams and educating business leaders.

Today, I help business owners like you become effective day-to-day people managers so that you can attract, hire, and retain loyal and reliable employees who will help you exceed your business goals.

Some of the hiring accomplishments I have helped my clients achieve include:

  • Shortening the hiring timeline from two months to two weeks
  • Going from receiving zero qualified candidates over weeks while paying to promote a job posting to four qualified candidates in 48 hours with a free job posting
  • Turning a vague job posting into one that clearly defined the job and attracted the right candidates
  • Reducing recruitment costs by identifying the right job boards and sites
  • Helping a client go from dreading the hiring process to being excited for the process each time their growing business lets them hire again

I look forward to helping you learn how to attract the right talent to your small business!

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The live webinar takes place at 4 pm Eastern of February 18th. A replay will be available, but only if you register!