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How to Stop a Series of Bad Hires

Has there been a revolving door of bad hires within your small business?

One after another, employees are not working out, or they are doing just the bare minimum to squeeze by. You’re frustrated, you’re annoyed, and you’re left wondering if there is anything that can be done to stop the series of bad hires that keep are coming through your business.

The good news is, something can be done to stop the bad hires and leave you with the loyal and reliable team members you desire.  


The Truth About Bad Hires

It seems like work ethic is at an all-time low these days. No one wants to work or be motivated to do more. However, here’s the truth about suffering from a series of bad hires: It’s not them. It’s you.

I know it’s hard to hear. It’s so easy to want to blame the team member for being a bad hire.

One team member who doesn’t want to do their job or one team member who is not motivated can be blamed on those team members. However, if it’s a constant problem no matter who you hire, the problem is starting with you.

You are the common factor in this equation. You are doing something that needs to be fixed.

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What Needs to Be Fix

There are two things you need to dig into and fix to stop a series of bad hires.

First is your hiring process. You need to learn how to identify if someone will be a bad hire BEFORE you invite them to be a part of your company.

An effective hiring process is critical in order to weed out the bad hires.

Second, if the team members seem to start great and are highly motivated but then their performance slips, you need to fix your management practices.

You are teaching your team members that their habits are allowed because you are not correcting bad behavior the first time it happens. In some cases, you are most likely never even setting proper expectations in the first place because you assume that they know what you expect.

Your team members are learning what it means to do the job as expected through you. If you have a series of bad hires who don’t care about their job, it’s typically because your actions told them that it was okay. To fix it, you need to learn how to reset and enforce expectation in a way that motivates each team member.

You Can Have Good Team Members

If you are suffering from a series of bad hires, it’s time to take action.

Great hiring takes knowledge and skill; knowledge and skill that most business owners do not have when they start hiring team members. However, with a little work and the right support, you can learn both.

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