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Lead your Employees Successfully so that you can Scale Your Business, Retain Top Talent, and Fully Utilize Your Staff’s Skills without feeling like all you ever do is manage people.

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The Support you need to Manage Your Employees Successfully.

Does this sound like you?

You are tired of leading the employees within your small business through Trial and Error… and in most cases, you are learning too late of your errors.

With each management decision you make, you fear the risk of being wrong and the possibility of losing good talent and revenue.

You Feel Alone with no one to confirm that you are making the right management decisions. With no peers group to support and encourage you, or to help improve your ideas, you avoid implementing the actions that will increase your revenue and take your business to the next level.

You are ready to get more out of your staff, but you Don’t Know Where To Start. You avoid delegating because you believe you can do the work better and faster. However, you know you are leaving revenue opportunities on the table because you are too busy and can’t do it all.

If you answered yes to any of these, then the Mastering Employee Management Mastermind is for you!

The Mastering Employee Management Mastermind is a mastermind for small business owners and managers with at least one year of management experience who are ready to feel supported and become thriving people managers so they can take their business to the next level.


Imagine being able to spend less time managing your employees while getting more productivity and better results out of them.


When you are a successful manager, your employees strive to help you not only achieve your goals but exceed them. Your staff will seem to operate on its own leaving you time to take on more clients, product new products or services, or take that well-deserved vacation without fearing the office will fall apart.


Your business can become the one you always dream about with the right mastermind support.



By joining Mastering Employee Management Mastermind you:

  • Get the accountability and support you need to make the right management decisions
  • Shortcut the learning curve so you can get the success you desire quicker
  • Gain the confidence you need to delegate to and trust your employees so you can fully utilize their skillset

The best business owners have a supportive peer group.

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a select group of achievers who come together on a set scheduled to support each other while learning how to grow and behave to reach their goals.

Members of a mastermind are committed to both the program and their success.

While members will learn, grow, and ultimately shortcut the learning curve within a mastermind program, true masterminds are not group coaching programs with one expert or coach providing all answers and advice.

Instead, with the help of a professional facilitator and by collaborating together and sharing their experiences, members of a mastermind are able to develop solutions, implement ideas, and grow their business faster than they could on their own.

Masterminds can cover general business topics or have a specific focus. The Mastering Employee Management Mastermind focuses on the area of employee management for small businesses.

This includes the topics that fall under:

  • Managing a staff of team members
  • Working effectively with business partners
  • Self-management including:
    • Time management
    • Accountability
    • Delegation
    • Responsibility

For example, your employee asks for a raise and you are on the fence. You personally want to give it to them, but you don’t know if professionally it is warranted. A mastermind can help you separate personal feelings from performance facts. They can also help you identify and justify or overcome what is holding you back from giving a well-deserved raise (ex: is there really no room in the budget or does the additional expense scare you?)

Why join The Mastering Employee Management mastermind?

While you have a staff that is helping your small business run, employee management is proving to have its challenges. Maybe at times, you’re overwhelmed with management decisions, or perhaps you know that you could be getting more from your employees, but you just don’t know how. What you do know is that adding employees to your company was supposed to bring you more success, not more headaches like it is today.

Part of the reason you feel this way is that you are trying to manage your staff alone. You do not have experienced managers within your company to collaborate with, guide you, show you your blind spots, and support the decisions you have to make.

By joining Mastering Employee Management Mastermind, you’ll get the support you need so you can best manage the staff within your small business.

When you are able to manage your team effectively, you can grow your business in ways that you can only dream about today. 

join Today For:


Creating plans to improve employee relations and become a better manager is important, but that’s only step one. You must then implement those plans! Your mastermind group will hold you accountable as you strive toward success.


Learning how to manage your team successfully on your own can lead you down a long and bumpy path. Take the smoother route by learning from business owners who are ready to share with you their firsthand experiences (successes and lessons learned), trusted solutions that have led to positive results, and guide you to the resources that helped them succeed.


Managing employees has its highs and lows. Your mastermind team will give you the encouragement and support you need to get through both the challenging and exciting times of managing a staff. They will pick you up after the downs and cheer for your wins.


Sometimes you can’t see the forest because you are too focused on the trees. Learn your blind spots by gaining feedback, input, and advice from those who have been in your shoes so you can make the right decisions and take the right actions with your employees.


Running a business can be lonely because you don’t have a built-in peer group. Build relationships and create your needed supportive peer group by masterminding with like-minded business owners. After all, the sum can be greater than the whole!
The support you need to manage your small business team

Mastermind Details

By joining Mastering Employee Management Mastermind, you can shortcut the learning curve it takes to become a top people manager resulting in you being able to take your business to the next level quicker.

The small business owners selected to participate in the mastermind will meet twice a month on a recurring schedule (see the application for the current schedule(s)).

During each meeting, all members will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss their challenges, and share their wins. The group will collaborate and share their experiences to help members grow and develop solutions for their situations.

Space is limited to ensure all members receive the advice and guidance they need to succeed.

Don’t try to manage your team alone! Find your management peer group today!

Mastermind Calls

Two mastermind group calls per month where you will learn from and collaborate with your mastermind peers to grow as a people manager.

Collaboration can help you shortcut the learning curve and help you see your business issues from the perspective needed to make the right decisions.

Facebook Group

Ask questions, share wins, & help others by connecting and collaborating between calls in the private, members-only Facebook group.

Employee management issues can sometimes be time sensitive. Get the help you need from the mastermind group when your business needs it.


Training & Resources

Receive access to one live training session per month and a resources library containing rotating materials.

The best business leaders know that they should never stop learning. Getting in-depth business management training and access to resources on new topics each month will bring your management skills to the next level.

Mastermind Deals

Rotating deals available only to mastermind participants including 1-to-1 coaching and program discounts.

Through the mastermind conversations, you might discover that you need 1-to-1 training or coaching in a specific area. With member-only discounts, you can supplement your mastermind learning with expert guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the mastermind for?

Small business owners and small business managers who have at least one year of management experience who are ready to improve their leadership skills so they can better manage their staff and grow their businesses.

Where does the mastermind meet?

The mastermind meets virtually through video conference calls using Zoom. Between meetings, members can connect through our private Facebook group.

When does the mastermind start and how long does it run?

New mastermind groups start every four months (January, May and September). There is no set end date. Members will commit to four months at a time and will stay active in the mastermind until they decide to withdraw.

How do I join?

Registration will reopen every four months only when spots are available. We encourage you to submit your application today to be added to the waitlist. Those on the waitlist will be the first notified of any open spots and be given the opportunity to join before membership is open to the public.

Why is an application needed?

For the mastermind group to be most effective, participants are screened to ensure that not only they can benefit from the group but that the group can benefit from their participation. The application process helps to make sure all members are open to being active participants who have at least one year of management experience.

I have less than one year of management experience, can I still apply?

Please set up a mastermind discovery call if you are interested in applying but have less than one year of leadership experience. During that call, we will review the relevant experience you do have to see if you should apply to the mastermind or consider a different option at this time.

What if I’m not satisfied with the mastermind?

Full refunds can be requested up to ten days after you start the program.

Meet your Facilitator

Hi! I’m Jamie Van Cuyk.

I am a respected leader who has a track record of managing high-performing teams and educating business leaders.

It was through masterminding that I was able to grow my leadership skills and become a highly successful people manager.

By facilitating your mastermind sessions and providing monthly training, I am going to help you enhance your skill set and become the manager and leader your small business needs.


Masterminding Success – My Story

As a corporate manager, we had weekly manager meetings. When we didn’t have a full agenda, the extra time was spent talking about what was going on with our teams.

We helped each other through challenges, and we cheered on everyone’s wins. Most importantly, we learned from each other. We all became better leaders because we masterminded together to discover how to lead our teams successfully.

Through the knowledge gained through masterminding, I was able to able to perfect my hiring and leading skills which allowed me to successfully select top candidates, and retain my staff once they were on my team. During my tenure as a people manager, I led over 40 employees losing only four to resignations. All four of those resignations occurred during my first two years as a formal manager meaning that I had no negative turnover during my final two years within that position.

In addition, the last team I managed within that company went from the one everyone was quitting to the one people were asking to join under my supervision.

With the right peer group for support, you too can become the manager and people leader your small business needs.

Pricing and Payment Options

Lock in your price by applying today!

The price you pay will be based off the date of your application and will be locked in as long as you stay a member of the mastermind.

Are you ready to Scale Your Business, Retain Top Talent, and Fully Utilize Your Staff’s Skills?


Then it’s time to join the Employee Management Mastermind that will take you to the next level.

Enrollment to the mastermind is currently closed. 

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