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Free Webinar: Preparing for the Unexpected with your Employees

The Unexpected Will Happen when your small business has employees. How quickly you recover depends on how well you prepare.

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Preparing for the Unexpected with your Employees

What would you do if your best employee quit today?

Could you keep the business running as usual?

How would you leverage your current staff?

Is your team prepared to jump in where needed?

If you answered no to any of these, then it’s time to put together a succession plan and fill your pipeline.

Your business, employees, and most importantly, your customers will thank you the next time the unexpected happens.

The Unexpected Will Happen.

 —> Great employees will leave due to life changes

—> You’ll have to let go a once top performer

 —> Someone, including yourself, might take a leave of absence due to health reasons

 —> The opportunity to open another location could present itself but you must act immediately before it’s gone

 —> A top client could decide to double their business but only if you can prove you can handle the additional work


Even positive changes can cause internal stress when you don’t properly prepare.

Don’t let your business become Paralyzed with Uncertainty when these situations happen.

What is a Succession Plan?

Creating a succession plan is when you decide who will fill key positions or provide needed support within your small business BEFORE the need arises. Employees are then trained to a level where they can transition quickly minimizing the impact on the customers and the company.
These plans help companies have smooth transitions when an employee leaves the organization or when an opportunity arises that allows additional positions to be added quickly.

By creating a succession plan, also known as a building your pipeline, you can:

  • Protect your company when shake-ups occur so you can continue to serve your clients and keep the doors open
  • Develop leaders and top talent so you can leverage their strengths for upcoming goals and projects
  • Identify training needs within your business so you can be proactive instead of reactive
  • Plan for the long-term today so you can easily get there tomorrow

Register Now for the December 18th 4 pm Eastern Webinar. 

During this free training you will learn:

  • What a success plan (AKA pipeline) is and why your business needs one
  • The fears that hold you back from succession planning
  • Where to place employees in your pipeline so the whole team can be successful
  • How to prepare employees for the next move before it happens so that things go more smoothly and you get to your goals faster

Yes, Even Small Businesses Need a Succession Pipeline.

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The live training takes place at 4 pm Eastern of December 18th. A replay will be available, but you must register to receive access.

Jamie Van Cuyk - Small Business Leadership Coach
Jamie Van Cuyk - Small Business Leadership Coach

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