Ready to stop doing everything in your business?

Learn the steps to leave the solopreneur life behind and hire your first employee.

Join me today for the From Solopreneur to Employer Challenge!
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    You’re already a boss, now it’s time to learn how to be the boss.

    Over the next 3 days, you’ll learn: 

    • The first steps you need to take to prepare your business for hiring its first employee so that you can hire with confidence
    • How to talk about your company and the position you’re filling so that people are excited about submitting their application 
    • How to create and post a job description that attracts perfect-fit candidates so that you don’t have to go through the hiring cycle over and over

    If it’s time for you to leave behind the DIY life and hire for your team, then I invite you to join me for the From Solopreneur to Employer Challenge.

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      Who am I to tell you about hiring?

      Hey there, I’m Jamie Van Cuyk. I’m a small business consultant and I help high-performing business owners to grow their teams. I help you find, develop, and retain the effective employees you need to feel confident and adequately supported as you move your business forward.

      I’m super excited to host this 3-day challenge on August 26-28th to help you navigate your first steps in the hiring process. So if you’re hesitant or stuck when it comes to preparing your business for hiring an employee (and you know you need to make that move — soon), then join me in the challenge.