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Hello! I’m Jamie Van Cuyk and I am ready to speak to your audience.

As an expert on hiring and managing teams that get results, I can inspire your audience to:

Stop trying to do ALL THE THINGS and hire help when needed.

How to find the right people for their openings instead of just a resource draining body.

How to leverage their team so they can achieve their business dreams.


Sample Speaking Topics

Help is Not a Four-Letter Word

Valid or not, business owners tend to put off hiring (employees and contractors) as long as possible for two main reasons.

1. No one will do the work exactly as they will.

2. Hiring help is expensive, and they don’t see the value of giving someone else part of the business’s hard-earned money.

During this talk, I share:

1. How not hiring when the help is needed can hurt their business

2. How to identify if it’s the right time to hire

3. The difference between employees, independent contractors, and interns

Making the Hire: Loyal Employees Start with Great Hiring Decisions

Hiring is not as easy as most people believe, and many business owners and managers make many lousy hiring decisions before they fully understand how to leverage the process.

During this talk, I cover how to find the optimal new employee by discussing how to:

1. Create a job posting

2. Review a resume

3. Conduct an interview

How to Stop Being Disappointed with Employee Performance

While many business owners and managers want to blame poor performance on each employee, performance levels are a direct result of management.

During this talk, I discuss:

1. How employees are not mind readers and why it is essential to set expectations

2. How to train on expectations

3. How to evaluate their performance for optimal results

4. Why not every employee will be a rock star

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