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Interviewing and Hiring Preparation Checklist

The 20-point preparation checklist outlines the actions you need to complete BEFORE posting the job, interviewing candidates, and welcoming the new employee. Your confidence will increase because you will feel prepared for each step of the hiring process. The more confidence you have, the better the candidates you attract.

The Ideal Hiring Process Map

The 18-step Ideal Hiring Process Map shows you the high-level action steps you need to complete throughout the hiring process. When you know exactly what you need to do and when to do it, the process of interviewing and hiring will smoothly flow. This allows you to put your focus on candidate selection so you can hire the reliable employees you need.

**BONUS** Interview Plan Template

As a BONUS, the guide now contains an Interview Plan Template. By using the template and selecting questions before the interview, you can feel prepared and ensure you don’t miss asking any critical question. Also, by asking each candidate the same questions you can make better compare candidates which lead to sound and confident hiring decisions.
Jamie Van Cuyk - Small Business Leadership Coach
Jamie Van Cuyk - Small Business Leadership Coach

Hi! I'm Jamie Van Cuyk.

As a Small Business Consultant who specializes in employee management, I help business owners and their managers become effective day-to-day people managers so that they can hire and retain the best employees who will help exceed the business’s goals.

In addition, I help maximize employee productivity so their employees are a valued resource instead of a money draining expense.

I have a track record of creating highly effective and self-sufficient teams, and I’m ready to help you get the best out of the people within your small business!

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