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7 Signs It’s Time to Hire Your First Employee

Are you thinking about hiring your first employee but you’re not sure if it’s the right time?

Employees can be expensive, but when added at the right time, it’s a well worth expense for your company. Employees can help take your business to the next level allowing you to achieve bigger goals, earn additional revenue, expand your footprint, and even let you take much deserved time off knowing that your business is functioning without you.

So, is it time to hire your first employee? Here are seven signs that hiring an employee could be the right next step.


Sign #1 – You Cannot Keep Up with Demand

If you find yourself consistently having to say no to your ideal client or project, or that you are unable to accept additional work or product requests from current clients, it might be time to hire help.

Hiring your first employee can help you keep up with the demand by assisting with the workload or taking over lower value tasks so you can spend more time on revenue producing items. In turn, your current clients stay satisfied, you can accommodate more clients, and you have the opportunity to increase revenue.


Sign #2 – Your Company Lacks a Needed Skill Set

A sign that it’s time to bring on your first employee is that you realize that you are missing a needed skill set. You cannot be a jack-of-all-trades an expect to do everything well.  An employee who specializes in the skill set the business currently lacks might be just what is needed to achieve goals and earn more revenue.

It’s important to point out that the skill set should be consistently needed. If the lacking expertise is required only for a one-off project, outsourcing might be ideal.

If you are just starting your company and the lacked skill set is vital to running your company, it might be best to bring on a business partner instead of an employee. Learn more about business partners here: Business Partners – The Pro and Cons of the Relationship


Sign #3 – You’re Losing Customers

When you do not have enough hands or available hours within your business, customer service can start to fall short. When customers are not getting the service they desire, they might start taking their business elsewhere. Therefore, if you are losing sales and clients due to customer service levels, it might be time to hire an employee.  

An employee can help answer the phone, return important emails, or service one set of clients while you are working with other clients or completing tasks needed to run and grow the business. An employee can also help you complete work so you do not miss product or project deadlines. 

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Sign #4 – You Can Afford the Employee

As much as you might want the additional help, you must be able to afford the help.

Affording an employee means more than being able to pay their hourly rate or salary. There are additional expenses you must be able to cover. Employee expenses can include federal and state employee-related taxes, benefits, and equipment and supplies.

Your accountant can review your finances with you to see if you can afford your first employee.


Sign #5 – The Position Is Worth the Cost

In addition to knowing if you have the finances to cover the cost of a new employee, you also need to determine if the employee will be worth the expense. Just because you have the money, doesn’t mean it should be spent.

For a position to be worth cost it should either earn the company more revenue or save the company money. This can happen directly or indirectly.

For example, hiring a sales employee should directly bring in more revenue for your company. In turn, adding an assistant can indirectly bring in more revenue because they are freeing up your time which allows you to complete additional revenue generating tasks.

An example of when adding an employee can save you money is when your company hires an accountant as an employee because due to the volume of work, it’s cheaper to have someone on staff than it is to outsource.


Sign #6 – There is Consistent Work

You might be ready to add your first employee when you can consistently give someone a set number of working hours each week. While there can be variation with some days or weeks being slower or busier than others, you need to ensure the level of work will stay available.

When the hours highly vary, or the need for the position quickly goes away after they help you catch up, attitudes can start to spiral downward. This can have a negative impact on you, the company, and most importantly your customers.

If consistent work cannot be guaranteed for the long-term, it might be better to hire a temporary employee or an independent contractor.


Sign #7 – You Can Write A Job Description

In addition to being able to give an employee a certain number of hours, before hiring an employee you should know what type of work they will be expected to complete. Therefore, a sign that you are ready to hire an employee is that you can write a clear job deception.

Being able to write a job description serves two purposes. One, it defines what you are going to delegate to the new employee. Two, it helps to ensure you are getting the right applicants and hiring the right person.

If you do not know what the employee will do for you, it’s not the right time to hire.

While you might need to hire an employee that wears multiple hats, you must be able to define what those hats are. Otherwise, you cannot guarantee that you can give the employee consistent work, that you are hiring for the right skill set or that the position will either earn your company revenue or save you money.


Is it Time to Hire an Employee?

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Employees are expensive, but when added at the right time, they can positively impact your bottom line.
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Is it Time To Hire An Employee for your small business?

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