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3 Ways to Attract Candidates Before You Need to Hire

Whether you are a new business or a business that is ready to expand, you might be wondering, How do I become seen as the company where employees are jumping at the chance to get a job? After all, to fill your open positions, you must find ways to attract candidates and make them want to apply.

In most industries, and especially in those where many companies are competing for the same limited top talent, establishing your business as a must-work-for employer is essential. You want job candidates to be looking into your company before you need to hire. That way, they are paying attention and quickly applying when a position does become available.

The good news is, it’s never too early to start the work that is going to establish your business as a must-work-for company. It’s also never too late.

Whether you’re just starting to think about hiring your first employee, or you’re trying to find ways to draw more or better candidates so you can expand your team, here are three ways to attract candidates before you need to hire.  


Three Ways to Attract Candidates Before You Need to Hire



1) Become Involved in the Community

One of the best ways to become known to your potential employee market is to become involved in the community.

People must know about your company to consider you a must-work-for employer. So, putting your business name in front of them will help to build brand awareness.

The people you are trying to attract as employees will dictate where you should get involved in the community.  The best way to get involved is to sponsor events and then have a representative attend the event to talk to attendees. Events to sponsor can include:

  • Industry or skill specific conferences or training events
  • Charity events
  • Sporting activities
  • Meetup groups

Investing in these opportunities not only markets your business potential employees, but some functions might also double as marketing to potential customers. 

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2) Build Your Network

With 88% of employers saying that referrals are the top source for above-average candidates, the power of your network is not something you want to overlook.

The more people who can vouch for you as a business owner and can connect you to their network, the more likely you will attract the people your company needs.

However, you must remember that networking goes both ways. Therefore, as you build your network, be sure to find out what you can do for each person you meet. This will allow you to deepen the relationship and increase the power of your network.  


3) Become a Knowledge Resource

A great way for future employees to get to know about you and your business is to become a knowledge resource. This can be done by hosting training or education-based workshops, meetups, webinars, seminars or more.

By being willing to teach others, you are not only making your company known in the industry, but you’re also helping people improve on the skill sets they need before they work for you.

This opinion typically works best when you can focus on a topic that a majority of your future employees will need to understand or perfect.  

For example, a software development company might host meetups or training workshops around an industry trend. A gym owner might run a seminar for personal trainers on how to target a particular muscle group. A law firm could hold bar preparation sessions.

Alternatively, a company that has workers across multiple fields could hold sessions that focus on soft skills like time management and improving communication in the office.

When you become someone they turn to learn and grow, they start to see your value as a business outside of the products or services you sell. This, in turn, can increase their desire to work for you when the opportunity does become available.

Also, you have met potential candidates before you need to hire. This allows you to make better decisions on who would be in your interest to recruit or whom you should pass on if they apply.  


Attract Candidates Before You Need Them

When you take the effort to stand out to potential employees before you need to hire, the more quality candidates you will receive.

When a job seeker if familiar with a company, they are more likely to apply. Also, when you build your reputation, you are more likely to attract the top candidates who are not actively job seeking because they have a deep desire to work for your company.

What have you found to be the best ways to attract candidates to your company before you need to hire?

Is it Time To Hire An Employee for your small business?

Take the quiz to find out if it’s time to hire your first employee or add another employee to your company.

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3 Ways to Attract Candidates Before you need to hire