Successfully navigating Employee Management can be a challenge for any small business.


It’s time to Feel Confident when it comes to Hiring, Managing, and Retaining your staff.


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Through Consulting Services and Speaking Engagements, I can help you become an effective people manager and turn your employees into a long-term asset for your company.

Consulting Services

Your employees should always be an asset not a hindrance to your company! As a small business consultant, I help small business owners and managers like you improve their people management capabilities so they can hire, develop, and retain the employees needed for success.

I work with companies globally through the use of in-person and virtual consulting methods. Packages range from employee management strategy creation that you execute on your own to long-term consulting relationships.

To see how I can best serve you, click the image that most closely relates to your hiring and management situation. 

Speaking Engagements

Looking to have someone teach your audience about the importance of strong employee management skills within their small businesses? You have found the right person!

With a track record for keeping audiences engaged and ensuring their understanding of the topic, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences through speaking opportunities. 

From Facebook Lives to Podcasts to Small Group Events to Conferences, I am available to discuss the opportunity of speaking to your audience.

If you are interested in having me speak to your audience, please contact me. 

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