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Why is Delegating So Hard?

Three Reasons You Refuse to Delegate to Your Employees

Why is delegating so hard?

As a small business owner, you most likely find delegating a challenge. Even when you have a full team, and you know that you need to get things off your plate, it can be hard to hand over tasks to someone else.

So, why is delegating so hard? Why do you resist getting the help that is going to help your businesses grow and succeed? Here are three reasons why delegating is hard to do even when you know it’s what you need to do.


You don’t want to give up the task

The first reason why delegating is hard is that you just don’t want to give up the work.

Sometimes, you know that you need to delegate, but the tasks that make the most sense to give someone else are ones you see as fun. They are tasks that you highly enjoy doing even if they are not the best use of your time.

Simply put, you don’t want to give up the work. Depending on the task, you might enjoy the challenge or the simplicity that it provides. Either way, you feel that you will be missing out if you allow someone else to complete the items. Therefore, you resist delegating.

However, if you want to keep growing your business, you must sometimes give up some of the tasks that you love and spend your time on the higher value actions within your company. 


You don’t trust anyone else to do it right

The second reason delegating is so hard it’s because you don’t trust others to do the work as you would.

After always completing a task yourselves, you get used to the work being done a certain way. You have developed a method, and it has helped you be successful. Now, you need to trust someone else to do it, but you fear that they will fail, make mistakes, and negatively impact your business because they are not you.

Trust makes delegating hard. However, other people are capable if you train them and let them do the work.


You complete the task out of habit

The third reason why delegating is so hard is that you do things out of habit.

Old habits are hard to break. You might tell your employees that you will send the task their way the next time it occurs, but then you complete it without even realizing what you are doing.

Often, delegating requires you to retrain yourselves and creating new habits. It takes time, but it’s possible. Once you start delegating, you can use that time to focus on the higher value tasks you do not have time for today.


Why is delegating so hard? Because it involves changing personal and business norms.

However, it’s something you must do if you want to continue growing your business, spend fewer hours working, and if you’re going to get the maximum Return On Investment for your employees.

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Why is Delegating so hard? Three Reasons You Refuse to Delegate to Your Employees